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Broad Street Ministries

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Season of Rebuilding

Congressional Testimony on Mortgages

Congressional Testamony
Rev. Dr. Frank Clark Spencer

While the dues structure of the PC(USA) Benefits Plan hasn’t changed since the 1980s, the church has never stopped changing.

"A New Paradigm for Church Leadership" 

Rev. Dr. Frank C. Spencer, Copyright  2013

The Six Great Ends of the Church can be thought of as a paradigm for vision and priorities for congregations.  The core functions of Proclamation, Worship and preservation of the Truth are what make us Church.  The Pastor's role lies at the intersection of those three.  As we move outward, we first care for each other in fellowship and then for our communities promoting social righteousness.  When all five are present, we fulfill the vision of Exhibiting the Kingdom of Heaven to the World.

Cultivated Ministry:

A Field Guide to Bearing Fruit through Theology, Accountability, Learning, and Storytelling

Shawna Bowman, Chineta Goodjoin,

Becca Messman, Frank Spencer, Casey Thompson, John Vest, Jen James, Jessica Tate

Board of Pensions honored with 2020 NACD NXT® Awards
Recognizing excellence in board diversity and inclusion